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These terms and conditions of trading (the "Terms") apply solely and wholly to all orders of product (the "Goods") placed on this website (“the Website”) by any purchaser (the “Customer”) with the sponsor of this Website (the “Website Company”). Where the Website Company supplies Goods to a Customer, who then re-sells these Goods to a third party, the Customer is deemed an "Intermediary". All terms and conditions shall apply equally to an Intermediary as to a Customer unless specifically varied.


1. Orders

  • All orders are subject to confirmation by the Website Company and are not binding on the Website Company until such confirmation has been given or the Goods dispatched. 
  • The goods are offered subject to availability. 
  • All orders are subject to the minimum quantity requirements notified to the Customer from time to time by the Website Company. 


2. Prices

  • Unless otherwise agreed in writing by the Website Company, prices (to which VAT will be added) are those on the Website relevant to the Goods on the day of dispatch from the Website Company's depot. 
  • Prices include delivery costs unless otherwise specified on the Website. The Company reserves the right to make an extra charge for special deliveries, outside the scope of its normal operation. 


3. Payment on Credit Terms

  • Credit terms are granted to the Customer (on application) at the sole discretion of the Website Company. 
  • Unless otherwise agreed in writing by the Website Company, where credit terms are given, payment is due no later than 30 days from the end of the month of the date of invoice ("the Due Date"). Time is of the essence for payment. 
  • If payment is not made by the Due Date the Website Company may at its discretion (without prejudice to any other rights) charge interest as advised from time to time. 
  • Credit terms are discretionary and may be withdrawn by the Website Company without notice.


4. Delivery

  • Unless otherwise agreed in writing by the Website Company, delivery shall take place when the goods are unloaded at the Customer's agreed premises. 
  • The Customer must provide documentary verification of the quantity of goods received in cases (or part cases) by product or provide this in kind by an authorised signatory verifying the Website Company's delivery note. 
  • The Website Company will endeavour to deliver to deliver the quantity of Goods ordered by the Customer. The Customer may not reject the Goods or part because of short delivery. 
  • The Website Company may invoice the Customer for its reasonable additional costs (including storage) arising from any variation or delay in delivery occasioned by the Customer's instructions or default. Clause 3 shall apply to such costs. 
  • The Website Company may deliver the Goods by instalments and in such cases each instalment shall constitute a separate order and any failure or defect in delivery of any one or more instalments shall not entitle the Customer to repudiate the order as a whole nor cancel subsequent instalment(s). 


5. Examinations

  • The Customer shall immediately upon delivery examine the Goods and shall notify the Website Company in writing of any apparent damage, defect or shortage within 48 hours following delivery. Any claims will be subject to the documentary verification referred to in clause 4(b). 
  • Any other claims must be made by the Customer to the Website Company within seven (7) days of such claim becoming apparent. 


6. Sample and Description

Contracts between the parties shall not be regarded as sales by sample, even if samples have been provided. The Goods will meet their general description as shown on the delivery note but the Website Company may change composition, packaging, and other such matters from time to time, including such changes made by the original manufacturer of the Goods provided.


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