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Cotton & Sons has been a provider of training for many years. We believe that customers should be educated to get the most from machines & equipment and also be shown the safety aspects of these tools to ensure personal safety & the safe maintenence of the products purchased by their company. We've built a reputation in this field, providing training to some of the largest organizations in the country. Including, unversities, facility companies & cleaning contractors to name just a few.


With every purchase of machine, trainnig is usually built into the cost (given FOC). Safety for machinery use is paramount for us when selling machines. When customers are physically trained, the outcome is always the best and keeps machines healthly and running effectively for longer periods. This is provided by our highly trained staff who've not only knowledge of the operation of machines, but maintenance & engineering of them aswell.


When COSHH regulations changed in 2015, we decided to enforce another style of training in to our fleet. Basic Safety & Handling of chemicals (COSHH training). Certified, and recognised by our main distribution manufacturer - Evans Vanodine PLC.


Training courses are now being scheduled at our new state of the art training facility in Swansea for many new area's of training in the cleaning industry including:

  • carpet & upholstry care (Deep cleaning & maintenence cleaning of carpets & other fabrics)

  • Hard Floorcare ( restoration & maintenece of all hard floors/use of machinery to suit)

  • General maintenance cleaning (entry level cleaning of a general facility/designed for first time cleaners)

  • Specific machine training (identifying operation of general scrubber driers/carpet cleaners & maintenance/repairs)

Keep an eye below for these scheduled course dates.


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