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Training & Labour Charges

Dear valued customers,

As a commercial cleaning supplies specialist in the industry, we are continuously offering our customers training to suit their specific needs. From health & safety (COSHH), specific cleaning machine training to cleaning methods in practise.
Since our training has now become some-what regular and takes a large percentage of our time, especially when customers have staff changes and have the need to we are now offering a basic and affordable training price list for customers who need extra training, out of hours training or staff training beyond what has been offered by us initially.

Please find lists below including our standard labour charges for repairs…

Please note: charges will always be quoted prior to invoicing. Free sessions will still be provided at our discretion.


Services Charges 
 Standard 1 hour labour charge (extra time will be discounted at our discretion)  £45
 COSHH training (based on Evans Vanodine pls chemicals)  £45 (no limit/charges per person)
 Cleaning method training (max 4 persons)  £45 per hour
 Standard machine service (excluding parts/excluding large machines that cannot be transported by our std. vehicles)  £75
 Machine/equipment training  £45 per hour


We invite customers to enquire for quotes and encourage our training/repair services if they have not already taken advantage of this service.


We look forward to being of service to you..

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