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Complete start-up kit for heavy duty cleaning.

Everything you need to get going!

Commercial Contract Cleaning Kit 1

  • Commercial/Contractors kit

    2 x Numatic VNP180 Vacuum Cleaner  CNVNP
    1 x Lobby Pan Sets   CS195
    40 x Micro Fibre Cloths CS242 (4 colours)
    2 x Kentucky Mop Bucket c/w press CS202
    5 x Kentucky Mop Heads CS179
    2 x Screw fit handle - colour coded – single CS184 (2 colours)
    2 x Kentucky Mop Clip  CS180
    2 x Caution A-Frame Sign CS176
    6 x Clear 6x750ml CS090
    1 x Lift Degreaser 5Ltr CS023
    6 x Protect disinfectant cleaner 6x750ml   CS012
    6 x Odour Neutraliser 750ml   CS086
    2 x Lime Disinfectant 5Ltr  CS009
    1 x Black bags pk/200 (Heavy Duty) CS160
    1 x Caddy Tray CS243

    Colours may vary from image

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