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Phantom Hybrid High Level Water Fed Pole


The Phantom Hybrid are a good option up to 35ft. The Phantom Hybrid range is designed as a lightweight & sturdy introductory pole for full or part time domestic Window Cleaners.


Patented Inner Sleeve - Each clamp has a soft TPU sleeve, acting as a buffer between the hard clamp body and the pole section. This sleeve reduces the friction and prolongs the life of the pole, whilst providing unparalleled grip - resulting in a high-performance pole that lasts!  

Self Aligning Clamp Lever  - The lever fits within channel guides and self aligns so as not to work loose over time.

Glue Free Fitting - Each clamp is fixed firmly in place without any glue, quickly swap or tighten clamps in seconds with a 4mm hex key. 

Reversible Lever - Each clamp body is symmetrical so you can use the pole right or left-handed.

Replaceable Parts - Each component on the pole is available individually to replace when needed, including the plastic clamp, base cap, and the red polyurethane clamp sleeve.


Choose pole length required.

FaceLift® Phantom Hybrid Water Fed Poles

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