Freshen Tech Luxury 3ply quilted, scented toilet rolls.


The technology used for the formulation of Freshen Tech toilet rolls makes this product unique, and winning the 'Innovative product of the year' award in 2019 from the Paper industry.


Anti-odour, allergen free molecules are impregnated in the core - so it becomes it's own air freshening system. As the roll is utilised, the effect remains the same - a constant sensation of freshness - which is renewed with each refill.


FSC and EU Ecolabel certified. 



FreshenTech Luxury 3ply Toilet Rolls PK/40

    • Luxury 3-ply quilted roll.
    • Slightly fragranced.
    • Eliminates fouls smells.
    • Innovative and cost effective in use.
    • Respects the environment.
    • Captures odours.
    • Freshens bathrooms.