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14 Njord Products Including 4 Woolsafe approved chemicals.

6 Pre-Sprays that also double as spot cleaners!
2 Premium Deodorisers
3 Rinses
1 Solvent Spotter
2 Specialist items (Anti foam and Leather Cleaner)

Njord Starter Stack (14x1L)

  • 1L War Hammer Pre-Spray
    1L Dragon Fire Pre-Spray
    1L Invader Pre-Spray
    1L Draugr Pre-Spray
    1L Valhalla Pre-Spray
    1L Kraken Pre-Spray
    1L Berserker Rinse
    1L Aftermath Rinse
    1L Harmony Rinse
    1L Foam Destroyer
    1L Ballista Leather cleaner
    1L Solvent Spotter
    1L Lust Deodoriser
    1L Greed Deodoriser

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