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Hybrid high alkaline enzyme & solvent prespray.

Unique hybrid nano-formula - exceptionally effective on heavily soiled applications, with build ups of grease, oils, blacktop, fat, or any protein based staining from foods/drinks/oils/bodily fluids.


Can be pre-diluted in either a pump up or in-line sprayer. For the heaviest soiled applications, use at higher dilution rate recommended.

Thick, Cream Coloured Liquid with Greed fragrance.


Njord War Hammer 6L

  • Pump-Sprayers: Fill Your Sprayer just over the halfway mark, then add 30ml per 1 Litre of water. Fill Sprayer with water. Extremely Heavy Soiling: 60ml per 1 Litre.

    Inline Sprayers: Fill your sprayer just over the halfway mark, then add 1.5 Litres of chemical. Fill sprayer with water.

    Spray Area: Using a liberal amount of product, making overlapping passes. Allow 10-15 minutes Dwell time or Scrub Carpet / Upholstery / Floor. Rinse Extract.

    Spot Cleaner: Mix your sprayer at 50% water 50% chemical. 1:1.

    Spray Area: Using a conservative amount of product, use a tamping brush to agitate, and a white terry towel or cloth to remove stain. Extract residue.

    Always test a small area before use.

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