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  • 2 Machines in 1
    Scrub with 150rpm, switch to 300rpm for high shine finish.
  • Performance You Can Trust
    Automatic Torque Control (ATC) balances power input.
  • Powerful Cleaning Results
    Dual speed motor offers power, convenience and efficiency.
  • User Comfort
    Find the perfect working position with fully adjustable handle.
  • A Wide Range of Accessories
    A wide range of accessories available for all applications.


For scrubbing, 150rpm is required, and for polishing 300rpm will give quicker and better results.


Great for hospitals, care homes, hotels, schools, etc where the needs can vary substantially each day and two separate machines are not always practical or available.


The design characteristics for the HFT model echo all the many details of the Hurricane range but with the advantage of two speeds where required. The Automatic Torque Control (ATC) monitors and balances the power input throughout cleaning cycle.


Comes complete with high speed Nuloc pad holder - add 17" pads.

Numatic HFT1530 Twin Speed Rotary Machine

  • Brush (option)


    Pad Drive


    Brush Speed

    150rpm / 300rpm




    230V AC 50Hz

    Cleaning Range



    460 x 560 x 1250mm

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