• Powerful Cleaning Results
    Powerful wet pick-up with heavy-duty Polyform tanks and TwinFlo vacuum motor.
  • Clean, Dry & Safe Floors in Minutes
    Consistent, quick and high-quality cleaning results, wherever they’re needed.
  • Cordless Freedom, Flexibility & Safety
    Total freedom, flexibility and safety of cable-free operation.
  • User Friendly Features
    Incorporating user-friendly, colour-coded controls.
  • Support at your Fingertips, Straight from your Mobile
    Access a wide range of help and support through the Nu-Assist App.


Cordless convenience, with huge 60L capacity and 550mm scrub width, the TGB6055 models addresses the need for bigger capacity whilst maintaining compact design.


The 550mm size of our TwinTec machines is becoming more and more popular and, in support of this, we have introduced two models with 60L capacity, a 50% increase over the 40L models and available in both traction (TGB6055T) and non-traction (TGB6055) specifications.


Both models have easy-to-use controls dual brush pressure selection, built in battery charging, easy fill and easy emptying facilities, with added traction power drive for the 6055T model which is essential if inclines or ramps are involved.

Numatic TGB6055 Scrubber Dryer

  • Capacity 60L




    Brush Speed



    Standard (RTU) 225kg

    Traction (RTU) 232.5kg


    2 x 12V (24V 100Ah)


    2.25 hrs

    Recharge Time

    8 hrs


    560 x 1425 x 1120mm