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The UNGER 3-in-1 window cleaning kit - professional products for beginners and professional window cleaners


  • It contains the 35 cm high-quality ErgoTec professional window squeegee with green rubber; outstanding gliding properties for streak-free window cleaning, as well as the 35 cm ErgoTec T-bar with power microfibre sleeve and integrated water wells
  • In addition, the kit contains the practical professional bucket with 18l content, side storage areas
  • This kit includes UNGER branded work tools that professional window cleaners all over the world trust
  • All professional UNGER quality tools as well as components such as rubber strips and wash-in material are also available individually and can be expanded with accessories

Unger Ergotec Window cleaning kit 3 in 1

  • Unger ErgoTec kit contents:

    1x Window Squeegee
    1x Microfibre Power Washer
    1x T-Bar Handle 
    1x 18L Cleaning Bucket 

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