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Welcome to the family.

Cotton & Sons cleaning supplies was founded to supply the highest quality cleaning products and equipment to the industry, alongside unparalleled customer service.

Our Mission.

Our mission is to provide not only cleaning supplies, products, equipment and machinery, but to consistently go above and beyond to ensure that our customers are educated about their purchases, have all of the necessary training and always know that they can come to us for the help and support they need to get the most out of their purchases.

We don't rest until we know you have received the best value for money and above all else, the best customer service possible.

We are a family business, which means that each and every one of us is dedicated to getting you the products and equipment you need, and we deliver our services with passion.

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Our Story.

Founded in 2012 by Mother and Son, Helen & Sean Cotton, Cotton & Sons cleaning supplies have been on a mission to bring a fresh perspective to the cleaning industry. Some information here about Sean and his family and why they are passionate about what they do/ their dreams/ goals/ drive to succeed.

Since then, Cotton & Sons have become a well established name of integrity in the cleaning industry, providing quality products with the back-up & support from manufacturers worldwide. Their dedication to promoting the importance of proper training and maintenance is paramount to their success, with every single customer knowing that they can trust this family-owned business to guide them towards the highest standards of cleaning.

Overcoming Challenges.

At the start of 2020 nobody in the company could have foreseen what challenges we would face during the pandemic. Covid19 clearly affected so many industries and the cleaning industry was no different. Cotton & Sons became a frontline company overnight, making important daily decisions to ensure all of our customers had the essential products that they needed.

We saw an incredible rise in enquiries and became part of an essential supply chain for the whole of the country, with the government leading the country through this difficult time and implementing cleaning legislation that directly impacted everything we did daily at Cotton & Sons. We took our part incredibly seriously, providing much needed supplies to The Police Force, the Ministry of Defence and the Care Sector.

Although this was an indescribably difficult time for the whole country, even the whole world, our passion and dedication to provide the highest quality customer service led us out of the other side and we remain hugely dedicated to all of our customers as well as having a sense of pride in the way we helped as many people as we could through this tough period.

Of course, we couldn't have done this without our loyal customers and dedicated suppliers, for which we will always be incredibly grateful.

Growth & Development.

Coming out of the pandemic was, of course, not the end of trying times. Going into 2021 with importing of goods being heavily affected, this year was set to be no less challenging than the last. Our grit and determination continued, and we knew we would be able to diversify to continue to provide the five star service our customers have come to expect.

Cotton & Sons became focused on sourcing the highest quality products created by British Manufacturers, allowing us to continue to deliver on our promises without compromising on our high standards.

We were proud to be awarded as the sole distributor in Wales for the new, Numatic 244NX scrubber drier. A unique floorcare machine that would require a “hands-on” approach to demonstrations, training and after service. With cleanliness and hygiene never more important, the new unique machine would be a great statement for British manufacturing in the UK and beyond, which we are proud to be a part of.

We’ve recently added a brand new training facility to our South Wales depot. Customers can now have the benefit of private training at our facility which is currently being dedicated to the 244NX scrubber drier.

Plans for training courses into winter 2021 are in motion and we will be using the training facility for filming our own product demo videos to help customers choose the right products for them.

There's so much more to come from Cotton & Sons - let's look forward to a bright future in the cleaning industry, together.