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Using the correct machine in the correct manner will always give exceptional cleaning performance.

That is why training is at the heart of our business, and it's one reason our customers return to us time and time again.

Our trained NVQ assessors are happy to provide training online, at our premises or at your site when required - including certification if needed.

Whether you're purchasing from the showroom or online, you can receive exceptional levels of training so that you can be confident of your purchase!

Personal service from the professionals.

Selling a box is easy…but we don’t feel is the correct way to
sell when it comes to machines and equipment.

We provide free face to face training with all local sales of machinery and you can expect that same dedication for online sales, too. Whether you’re coming into our showroom or ordering online, we are committed to delivering a 5 star experience.

Trade show

Making sure that you and your team receive the best training is vitally important for many reasons!

♦ You and your team will be trained on not only how to use the machinery effectively, but how to get the most out of it.

♦ You will learn how to maintain your machine and keep it running for as long as possible without causing damage to it.

♦ You will understand all of the safety features for your machine, keeping you in the drivers' seat at all times.

♦ Understanding how to properly use your machine will reduce service and maintenance costs for the future, and we will make sure you know the exact amounts of any chemicals you need to use in conjunction with your machine so that you can save on the costs of consumables.

Every single online purchase through our website will qualify for access to the online training resources for that product. This includes bespoke training videos, documents, guides and more. Once you've digested all of that, you can become the trainer yourself and pass on your valuable new knowledge to your team and colleagues!

"All for free?!", we hear you ask!

Yes, all for free, because that is the Cotton & Sons promise! 

Check out our warranties procedure page for more detail on the importance of looking after your machinery!

Here for you.

Do you need more information about our training provision, or want to know more about the service you will receive from us before you purchase? We're always happy to chat to you, so contact us now using our contact page!

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