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Our mission statement: To spearhead sustainability and innovation for our customers

Most, if not all, janitorial suppliers have some sustainable products within their product ranges. They continue to sell you the same old products until you push them to offer alternatives – and are often reluctant for you to change.


We strive to be different.

We believe that there should not be a compromise between saving the planet and getting the quality of products you have tried and tested over the years.

We also believe that the cost of saving the planet does not need to come out of your pocket.

These truly environmentally friendly products are available as our standard offerings rather than an obscure option. 

Join us.

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There are 1.4 million tons of paper consumed in the cleaning & hygiene industry each year¹.

That’s 33.6 million trees².

Taking up approximately 160,000 football fields³.


There are 469 million plastic cleaning bottles thrown away in the UK each year⁴.

Every ton of plastic waste creates 3 tons of CO2 emissions⁴.

Only 30% of all plastic is recycled in the UK⁴.

Our current offerings to reduce these grim figures include:

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Sugarcane Paper

tiboo sugarcane toilet rolls
tiboo sugarcane toilet rolls
Fig sugarcane hand towels
tiboo sugarcane toilet rolls

Vegan friendly – No glue is used to bulk out the thickness of the paper.

Low carbon emissions - Sugarcane processing releases far fewer carbon emissions than traditional paper processing.

 Soft and strong - Super soft texture and just as strong as traditional wood pulp paper.

65% lower carbon footprint than recycled paper!

Safe for plumbing - Breaks down in only 4 seconds, so you can say goodbye to blocked pipes and clogged tanks for good!  

Sustainably sourced - Sheets are made from sustainable sugarcane by-product.

We are so confident in sugarcane products – based on quality and price - we do not offer wood pulp paper for our system toilet tissue⁵, and most of our hand wiping papers!

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e:dose concentrates

Evans e:dose super concentrate chemical
Evans e:dose super concentrate chemical
Evans e:dose super concentrate chemical
Evans e:dose super concentrate chemical
Evans e:dose super concentrate chemical
Evans e:dose super concentrate chemical
Evans e:dose super concentrate chemical
Evans e:dose super concentrate chemical
Evans e:dose super concentrate chemical
Evans e:dose super concentrate chemical
Evans Green Tick product logo

Chemicals have a job to do. First and foremost, they must do a good job of cleaning.
Then they need to be as neutral as possible for health and safety reasons.
And then we have to consider the environment and reduce the waste as much as we can.



1 litre of e:dose chemical can produce the equivalent of
100 spray bottles, or 50 bucket fills.

Reduces your carbon footprint

One case study we undertook with a housing association demonstrated their plastic reduction⁶:

Spray bottle use was reduced by over 89%

5L plastic use was reduced by over 61%

Low environmental impact products

Every product in the Evans range is analysed using the GreenTick system. The lower the overall product score, the lower the impact on the environment. Products which achieve a low impact rating are identified with a GreenTick logo on the label.

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Powder Pods

Powder pods sachet chemicals
Powder pods sachet chemicals
Powder pods sachet chemicals
Powder pods sachet chemicals

One major issue with cleaning chemicals is; we are all transporting water around the country. Remove the water and it suddenly reduces your scope 1 carbon footprint as well as reducing your need for storage space and making your chemical storage safer from spills.

Powder pods sachet chemicals
reduce carbon footprint logo


Compared to transporting liquid concentrates, powder pods result in no transportation of water.

no chemical logo


The formulations are protected by a water-soluble layer, minimising the risk of the formulation coming into contact with the operative’s skin or eyes.

green leaf logo


No risk of chemical overdosing, which has the potential to negatively impact the environment.

reduce plastic logo


Through reusing our bottles, the system reduces waste by 90%.

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We provide cleaning plans and training. Colour coding ensures the correct use from all operatives. Our perfectly dosed sachets = a straightforward system.

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Manual handling and the associated risks are significantly reduced when moving the product.

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GREEN’R Eu Ecolabel Chemicals

EU Ecolabel chemicals

EU Ecolabel, and their counterpart Nordic Swan, are the recognised bodies in the industry responsible for awarding sustainable products based many factors. They have to demonstrate an ability to:

•Meet strict requirements concerning environmentally hazardous chemicals,
including requirements on ecotoxicity and biodegradability 

•Meet strict requirements concerning chemicals that are harmful to health,
including a ban on the sensitising preservative MI

•Offer effective cleaning performance with a small amount, so the product
lasts longer and conserves the planet’s resources.

•Packaging requirements contribute to a circular economy, for example by
addressing packaging design and material choices.

nordic swan.jpg
EU Ecolabel.jpg
EU Ecolabel chemicals

The strategic commitment to EU Ecolabel certification of the GREEN’R range is also underpinned by its exclusive accreditation under ISO 14024:2018.


This ISO standard provides the framework for establishing Type I environmental labelling programs, with third-party assessments based on comprehensive criteria that assess a product's environmental impact throughout its lifecycle.


These criteria encompass the selection of product categories, environmental considerations, and functional attributes. They also include methodologies for evaluation and substantiation of compliance. ISO 14024:2018 further outlines the rigorous certification procedures required for attaining the prestigious EU Ecolabel

Toucan Eco - Chemical free Cleaning

Toucan Eco Chemical free cleaning
Toucan Eco Chemical free cleaning
Chemical free cleaning logo

The British made Toucan Eco lets you make your own multi-surface disinfectant cleaner from just water, salt and electricity that kills up to 99.999% of germs. It’s safe and environmentally-friendly, and replaces up to 80% of chemical cleaners and the single use plastic bottles they are supplied in. The solution it makes is hypochlorous sodium hypochlorite. It’s a product our body manufactures to fight infection. It is completely safe and hypoallergenic, harmless if ingested, and super effective as a sanitiser.

The solution created by Toucan Eco is an effective disinfectant and a mild cleaner, so replaces general disinfectant, all-purpose cleaners, kitchen and bathroom cleaners, glass and metal cleaners, and deodorisers. It doesn’t replace strong degreasers and descalers, although it is effective if used on a daily basis.

Chemical free cleaning logo
Toucan Eco Chemical free cleaning
Toucan Eco Chemical free cleaning

The Toucan Eco solution has been extensively tested under EN standards by independent accredited laboratories for its efficacy to kill more than 99.99% (log-4) of viruses and has passed suspension test EN 14476, surface test EN 16777 and hand sanitisation test EN14476:2013+A2:2019. These tests demonstrate a high efficacy at low concentrations with fast contact times against viruses, including coronavirus which causes Covid-19.

The activated solution is certified to EN 1276, EN 13697, EN 14476 and EN 16777 for  chemical disinfectants against bacteria and viruses. It is also safe for use in food preparation and high-risk areas. In addition, certification under EN13727 (ESBL) and the VAH scheme (medical grade biocides) demonstrate efficacy in risk areas. Toucan Eco is listed under Article 95 of the EU Biocides regulations.

We have chosen not to use Ozone making cleaning machines. Although they work in a very similar way, the ozone equivalents usually only have a working life of 4-8 hours and need expensive filters as an ongoing cost. The Toucan Eco needs standard, everyday salt. And water. And about the same amount of electricity as used in a car key fob!

¹UK: Paper and boards consumption by type 2022 | Statista
² Conservatree
³ Tree spacing calculator – omnicalculator
⁴ Robert Scott – Toucan Eco

⁵ We commit to removing any paper product and replacing with a sugarcane alternative as it becomes available. Currently this accounts for around 80% of our toilet tissue and almost 50% of hand wiping by volume.

⁶ Cotton & Sons - just ask us!

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