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Ionic Systems


From Pure Water resin and poles, to complete van mounted systems (including the van!) Ionic have everything you need to get you up and running. Contact us for full details.

Cold or Hot Water Systems with poles to reach any height, we can help

Building Cleans

Softwash Systems
Agile and lightweight handling easily navigates obstacles in congested areas gliding over floors for controlled, effortless cleaning.

thermo pure van system

Thermopure™ System

The Thermo Delivery system from Ionic systems is the ideal solution for those who want to benefit from the use of heater water, but who don’t need water treatment in the vehicle (or those who live in a soft-water area).

V4™ Van System

Like the Zero, The V4 is suitable for hard-water areas offers excellent pure-water production. the V4 is still one of the best systems available offering unrivalled quality and performance.

van ports
v4 hotbox
v4 van system

The Hotbox™ 

The HotBox™ uses the same diesel burners as our Thermopure™ Systems, and are capable of hot water within minutes of activation. Available in 3kW Mini or 9kW Maxi versions, HotBoxes™ are powerful enough to provide piping hot water all year round.

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