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Exclusive access to...

​♦ Training and videos

♦ Members forum

♦ Members-only offers

♦ Specialist customer support

Designed for you.

Our members' area has been built with you in mind, catering for all industries and many types of customers who use our products regularly. From experience, we have found that having access to the specialist information we provide for our members has been an incredibly powerful asset for the businesses we work with.

Members area

"Becoming a Cotton & Sons member was definitely the right choice for our business. We regularly order our cleaning products through them, so the access to membership pricing has been incredibly valuable and cost effective!"

What you get.

Becoming a member with Cotton & Sons Cleaning Supplies Ltd means you will have:

​♦ Exclusive access to our training documents and videos to help you strengthen your workforce in the ways that you clean.

Access to our members area where you can share product experiences in the members' forum.

Exclusive access to on-going offers.

Access to machine and equipment documents, such as machine-specific troubleshooting pages and our first-hand guidance with any issues you may experience, getting you back up and running more quickly!

We plan to grow our members area and evolve it into a section of our website that’s continuously
used and relied on by our customers. A support network if you like!
A special approved Contractors list is also in the pipeline to spread each member’s great name far
and wide across our network of customers. Helping each other, help each other - is our goal!

Register your interest in joining as a member now.

Thankyou for registering your interest in joining as a member, our team will be in touch to set you up shortly!

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