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Paper sachet auto Dishwash pods, pk/50 x 13g


Auto Dishwash pods are designed for commercial machine applications and are effective for cleaning crockery, cutlery, cooking utensils and glasses in machine dishwashers.


The detergent powder is formulated with powerful ingredients based on biodegradable surfactants and chelates that remove soiling and prevent the deposition of water scales.

Additionally, a drying aid component ensures that the surfaces are left streak-free and shiny after cleaning.

The powerful cleaning and protective properties of Auto Dishwash Sachets help to provide a sustainable, safe, hygienic environment. 

13g pods - simply add one to your machine per load.


  • Supplied in convenient water soluble paper sachets.
  • Compostable / recyclable outer packaging.
  • Phosphate Free.
  • EDTA Free.
  • Chelates to prevent mineral scale spotting.
  • Combined Detergent and Rinse Aid.


The chemical is protected by a water-soluble paper layer, minimising the risk of the formulation coming into contact with the operative’s skin or eyes.


Pods are a measured dose, so no risk of chemical overdosing, which has the potential to negatively impact the environment. 


Manual handling and the associated risks are significantly reduced when moving the product due to lack of liquids, storage is much easier and products are much lighter. 


Compared to transporting liquid concentrates, powder pods result in no transportation of water - resulting in a lower carbon footprint by up to 95% compared to standard cleaning chemicals. 


Through reusing your bottles, the system reduces waste by 90%.


Colour coding ensures the correct use from all operatives. Our perfectly dosed sachets = a straightforward system.


Auto dishwash pods

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