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Sugarcane bulk pack toilet rolls. 36 packs, 250 sheets per pack.


Super Soft

Breaks down in just 4 seconds


Make the switch to sugarcane toilet paper and help keep the planet green!


  • Sugarcane is made from the left-over plant after the sugar has been extracted.
  • Being a by-product makes it even more sustainable than bamboo.
  • Short and delicate fibres make it much softer than bamboo.
  • It can break down in 4 seconds when flushed, helping to prevent blocked drains.
  • It is harvested every 11 months whereas trees can take 30 years.
  • We cram more paper into smaller cartons to reduce the cardon footprint for deliveries.
  • Sugarcane has a 65% lower carbon footprint than recycled paper!
  • Boxed to further reduce plastic waste.

Sugarcane Bulk Pack Toilet Tissue

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