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Compostable food waste liners - EN13432 standard.


A range of compostable caddy liners in all standard sizes that can support food waste management strategies.

Manufactured from Ecopond® biodegradable plastic, using starch and lactide-based derivatives of plant sources, these products are fully compliant with the European composting standard, which requires more than 90% of the plastic mass to convert into biomass, CO2 and water, with no harmful residue.

All our compostable sacks and liners fully decompose within the normal 6-10 week composting cycle in industrial composting facilities and are accredited to meet the stringent composting standard EN13432.

Compostable liners are the preferred and recommended choice for the capture and containment of food waste. As food waste collections become mandatory, compostable liners present the ideal solution to line food caddies and collect this waste.

Compostable Bin Liners

  • Bag Size Amount per carton
    7L 240
    10L 1040
    25L 520
    40L 500
    80L 400
    140 200
    240 100


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