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Compostable gloves pk/100 - FPA Award winning!


Introducing our FPA Award Winning compostable glove range - the new range won the Product Innovation Back of House award at the 2024 FPA Awards, in its debut year.


They come in a range of 4 different sizes and are made from and packaged in fully compostable material, which breaks down and becomes metabolised by microorganisms when disposed of in both home and industrial composting.

This enables the gloves to serve as a resource efficient alternative, diminishing the reliance on materials with limited recycling outlets.

The outer packaging is also fully compostable, reshaping standards and championing resource efficiency within the foodservice and catering sector.


They adhere strictly to EN13432 standards without compromising on practicality.


The EN13432 certification is a testament to Glovelee’s commitment to compliance, assuring users in the foodservice industry of its adherence to the highest industry standards.


The latex and powder free design reduces the risk of allergic reactions and skin irritations, ensuring a safer option for individuals with latex allergies and skin sensitivities.

The BPA-free and food grade compliant aspects address the specific requirements of the foodservice sector.

Compostable Food Handling Gloves

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