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Premium upholstery pre-spray with high concentrate blend of detergents, solvents and anti-resoil agents.


A high concentrate blend of detergents and low odour solvents, formulated for use on heavily soiled areas of wet cleanable upholstery fabric. Fabric Restorer will effectively remove grease, hair oil and body contact soils and give a pronounced brightness to fibres and fabrics.


  • Heavy-duty upholstery prespray detergent.
  • For grease, hair oil, body contact soil and heavy soiling.
  • Premium high concentrate blend of detergents, low odour solvents and anti-resoil agents.
  • Clear liquid with citrus fragrance.


For professional and industrial use only.

pH Concentrate: 9.0

pH Diluted: 9.0

Fabric Restorer 5L

  • Mix 60ml of Fabric Restorer per litre of warm water (1 to 16).

    Always pretest fabric for colour fastness and possible colour or texture change with diluted solution before proceeding.
    Do not use on water sensitive fabrics.

    Apply by hand sprayer or mix in bucket and apply foam by upholstery brush to all heavily soiled areas. Agitate with brush, then blot or wipe with clean white towel. If required, rinse extract with B109 Fibre & Fabric Rinse or B145 Fab Clean according to label directions.

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