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Complete start-up kit for areas of heavy oil or grease.

Everything you need to get going!

Garage / Workshop Cleaning Kit

  • Garage/Workshop Cleaning kit

    1 x Numatic TT4045 scrubber dryer
    1 x Kentucky Mop System CS202
    5 x Kentucky Mop Heads CS179
    1 x Screw fit handle CS184
    1 x Kentucky Mop Clip CS180
    2 x Caution A-Frame Sign CS176
    2 x Natural Brushes 24" CS191
    2 x Rubicon oil & grease remover 5ltr CS020
    1 x Black Nitrile Gloves box of 100 (Lge) CS172B
    1 x Low Foam Heavy 5ltr CS029 

    Colours may vary from image

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