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GREEN'R Degreaser 150°C is highly efficient in eliminating stubborn, carbonized grease from heated surfaces, making it possible to clean them while they are in use. It's splash-free, emits no harmful fumes, and residues can be effortlessly wiped away. This degreaser is designed for hot surfaces exceeding 150°C, such as planchas, ovens, deep fryers, frying pans, and grills, that are coated with cooked and charred fats. It comes ready to use.



At Christeyns Professional Hygiene, we are committed to promoting a cleaner world. We prioritize our environmental responsibilities at every stage of our product's life cycle, from sourcing raw materials and the manufacturing process to packaging and delivery.


Our Research and Development department is dedicated to the use of environmentally friendly raw materials and sustainable formulations. We aim to strike a balance between quality, efficiency, and sustainability. As part of our commitment, we've successfully developed products free of phosphates, perborates, and NTA.
Additionally, we've achieved important environmental certifications, including the EU Ecolabel and Nordic Swan.
At Christeyns Professional Hygiene, our strategic commitment to EU Ecolabel certification is underpinned by its exclusive accreditation under ISO 14024:2018. This ISO standard provides the framework for establishing Type I environmental labelling programs, with third-party assessments based on comprehensive criteria that assess a product's environmental impact throughout its lifecycle.
These criteria encompass the selection of product categories, environmental considerations, and functional attributes. They also include methodologies for evaluation and substantiation of compliance. ISO 14024:2018 further outlines the rigorous certification procedures required for attaining the prestigious EU Ecolabel.
Furthermore, our dedication to environmental responsibility is exemplified by the ISO 14001 accreditation of our production facilities. This certification serves as a testament to our commitment to sound environmental practices and management.

GREEN'R Degreaser 150°C

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