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The V4™ truck-mount has undergone a complete ground up revision resulting in an impressive 10% weight reduction for improved payload capacity as well as a 100mm lower centre of gravity for improved vehicle handling.

In addition the V4™ boasts tech options to improve filter performance, RO membrane life and water quality.
With new tech such as periodic auto-flush, ROMS™ and PDI™, V4™ water quality moves into the sub zero ppm range.

ROMS™ – Reverse Osmosis Maintenance System.
At the end of each tank fill, pure water is diverted to the RO membrane housing. Leaving the RO membrane bathing in pure water between fills ensures that dissolved solids (found in tap water) do not foul the membrane. Further, dissolved solids that are not removed from the membrane surface during Periodic Auto Flush cycles are absorbed by the pure water during the ‘rest period’ to be flushed away during the first flush on startup.

PDI™ – Perpetual De-ionisation. This feature considerably extends DI resin contact time. Ultra purification is achieved by repeated exposure of purified water to the final DI polishing stage.

This is built and installed at Ionic's Head Office in Swindon.


We can even include a van if you need it, and of course finance is available.


For full information, please add this product to your basket, and we will get in touch to personalise your needs!

Ionic V4 Van system

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