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Leather upholstery cleaner and conditioner with spray applicator.


Professional formula leather upholstery cleaner and conditioner with mild cleaning agents and mild pH to effectively and gently clean leather. Suitable for use on leather upholstery and other leather surfaces subject to pre-testing. Cleans leather thoroughly before conditioning with Prochem Leather Conditioner.


  • Leather cleaner and conditioner for leather upholstery.
  • Contains mild cleaning and conditioning agents specially formulated for leather upholstery.
  • White liquid emulsion with light lemon fragrance.
  • Ready-to-use.


For professional and industrial use only.

pH: 6

Leather Cleaner 1L

  • Shake well before using. Ready-to-use, do not dilute.
    Recommended for pigmented smooth leather.

    Pre-inspect leather condition for cracking, stains, cuts or damage. Pre-test in an inconspicuous location for colour fastness, darkening or texture change.

    Not recommended for suede leather. Avoid application onto wood or other surfaces.

    Brush leather to remove loose soil. Apply a small quantity of Leather Cleaner onto a clean, slightly damp white terry cloth, gently clean a small area of leather. Pay special attention to removal of soil from stitching, creases and corners. Wipe and rinse surface with another damp towel to remove soil and cleaner. Towel dry. Rinse towels in clear water as needed to remove soil build-up.

    After cleaning, condition the leather with E675 Leather Conditioner to soften, restore and help protect leather.

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