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Makita DCV560 Powerful upright cleaner powered by 2x18V batteries


  • High dust pick-up performance: As same as AC model with Brushless motor
  • Low noise mode for use in noise sensitive environments such as offices, hospitals etc.
  • Two separate BL motors, one for vacuuming and the other for rotating brush-roll
  • 3 modes for suction power with mode memory function
  • Brush roll height adjustable by 4 stages
  • HEPA filter
  • Possibility to tilt main body up to 90 degrees, making it possible to clean even in narrow spaces
  • Removable aluminium pipe with integrated handle for cleaning in corners or confined spaces
  • LED light illuminates the work site
  • Lamp for indicate that dust bag is full
  • Lamp for indicate battery level
  • Carrying handle
  • Battery protection system automatically shuts off power when the battery level is low


The Makita DVC560 incorporates 2 x 18VLXT batteries to give excellent performance without the trailing cables. HEPA filtration captures 99.97% of particles in the 5L bag. Height adjustment makes different floor types easy to clean, and a removeable extendable hose makes corners and confined spaces simple. The handle also tilts flat in use, so cleaning under obstacles is another simple operation, especially with the LED lights.


Comes as three options:
2X5 contains 2 x 5aH batteries and a dual charger.

2X6 contains 2 x 6aH batteries and a dual charger.
bare unit is vac and accessories without these items.


Perfect for - offices, hotels, factories, theatres, shopping centres and public transportation.


Please note this machine comes with 12 months warranty.

An additional 2 years is available via registration with Makita - link here: 3yr Warranty


Makita DVC560 36V LXT upright vacuum




    2 x 18V LXT


    67dB (A) Max


    7.7 exc. battery & kit

    RUNTIME (mins)


    CHARGE TIME (mins)




    DIMENSIONS (HxWxL) 326 x 318 x 1146 mm

    *based on 6.0aH batteries and dual charger

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