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COMPACT Professional Extractor with Built-in Magma Instant Heater


  • Built-in adjustable Magma ‘instant’ heater
  • Virtually instant very hot water direct from cold water in the tank
  • 8.4” high efficiency Lamb Ametek vacuum motor system
  • 400psi water pump
  • Professional cleaning results, and fast drying times
  • Compact user-friendly design (footprint just 39cm x 66cm)
  • Loading wheels for easy van loading/unloading
  • Built-in auto-feed
  • Built-in power pre-spray


Great 8.4″ vac motor suction

Lamb Ametek’s High Efficiency 8.4 vac motor gives you approximately the same vacuum power as 2 x 5.7” Lamb Ametek 1200 watt motors. This gives you professional cleaning results, drying times and powers up to 100ft hose runs.


Built-in Magma heater

The Miniflex 8.4LX has a Magma heater built-in to the machine’s motor housing. This gives you virtually instant very hot water, direct from stone cold water in the tank, with no pre-heating or secondary heater needed.

Just turn the Magma on, wait about 90 seconds for the Magma to heat up and start cleaning. You now have a constant supply of hot water at the wand when carpet cleaning. There’s a temperature dial so you can reduce the temperature when cleaning heat-sensitive fibres.


Van easy-loading system

The Miniflex 8.4LX is super-easy to load in and out the van. Just tilt the machine back onto the loading wheels and roll it in. The van takes half the weight of the machine when loading. It’s all very easy and you won’t need to install a ramp to get this machine in and out your van.


Whisper quiet operation

Add the optional exhaust silencer and you have one of the quietest professional extractors on the market. With the exhaust silencer attached, you can stand right next to the Miniflex 8.4LX and talk without needing to raise your voice – which is very quiet indeed for a professional carpet cleaning machine!


Built-in Auto-feed

The Miniflex 8.4LX comes with built-in auto-feed system. Simply remove the feed hose from the solution tank and drop it into any external tank or container. The Miniflex 8.4LX then draws solution from where-ever the feed hose is placed – so you can easily hook the machine up to external water tanks.


Pre-spray delivery System

Drop the auto-feed hose into a container of pre-mixed pre-spray and you can use the Miniflex 8.4LX to apply pre-spray through your wand or hand tool. This can save a lot of time when pre-spraying larger areas.


Bundle includes: 400psi version, 25' hoses, wand and hand tool.

Airflex 'Miniflex 8.4' 400LX Carpet Cleaning Machine

  • Solution
    25 litres
    Airflow friendly cylindrical design
    Pump 400psi Pumptec adjustable with
    pressure gauge
    3-stage Lamb Ametek 8.4"
    Vac hose
    2″ port accepts 1.5″ and 2″ vac hose
    Exhaust Optional 4″ big bore
    Easy load
    No need to lift machine into van
    Apply pre-spray via hand tool or wand
    Can connect to external water tank with no
    extra pump needed
    Tough polyethylene
    Control panel Top mounted for convenience
    Rear wheels 10″ non marking for easier stair climbing
    Front wheels Both with locking brake
    Vacuum shut-off Ball float valve shut-off
    Power cable 25ft high visibility orange cables
    Dimensions (cm) 39cm (W) x 66cm (L) x 86cm (H)
    Weight  38kg
    Inline heater Magma Inline ‘Instant’ Heater
    Warranty 5 years casing, 1 year parts
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