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Professional general purpose pre-spotter and traffic lane pre-spray for carpets


  • Excellent for draught marks and greasy areas.

  • Apply by sprayer to all heavily soiled areas before machine cleaning.

  • Turquoise blue liquid with citrus mint fragrance.


Multi Pro is a multi-purpose traffic lane cleaner, pre-spray and spotter for use on carpets. Multi Pro can also be used as a general purpose alkaline cleaner for heavy soil and greasy soil on most surfaces.


For professional and industrial use only.

pH Concentrate: 11.4

pH Diluted: 10.5


Multi Pro 5Ltr

  • Light duty and general applications: Mix 125ml per litre of water (1 to 8).

    Heavy soil and grease: Mix 250ml per litre of water (1 to 4).

    Always pre-test carpet or surface with diluted solution before proceeding.

    Wool carpets and those with unstable dyes should be tested and extraction rinsed with B109 Fibre & Fabric Rinse according to label directions.

    Apply by sprayer to all heavily soiled areas and spots, then agitate carpet with pile brush. Blot spots with clean white towel or tissue, then clean treated carpet with normal extraction or shampoo process. Other surfaces can be wiped with a towel or mop.

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