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Compact battery scrubber dryer


The Nilfisk SC351 is a small, yet powerful scrubber dryer offering both forward and backward scrubbing and drying with an impressive brush pressure of 27 kg.


Its compact design enables it to access tight spaces, like those found under furniture, in crowded areas, and other places where larger scrubber dryers struggle.


The SC351 boasts an excellent design that balances compactness, cleaning performance, and drying efficiency, which results in increased performance and reduced maintenance costs.


Its lightweight body makes it easy to store and transport, and the machine features an adjustable deck for optimal traction control.


Comes complete with gel batteries and a Prolene brush.


  • Low noise level for daytime cleaning
  • Run Time: 75mins
  • Adjustable water flow
  • Backward scrub and pick-up ability
  • Ergonomic, adjustable and foldable handle for easy transport and storage


This machine is ideal for cleaning hotel lobbies, shops, restaurants, schoolrooms, and more, and can be used on a variety of floor types, including stone.


Nilfisk SC351 Scrubber Dryer

  • Cleaning width (mm) 370
    Run time (min) 75
    Solution/recovery tank (L) 11/11
    Power (V / W) 12 / 450
    Brush speed (rpm) 140
    Dimensions (LxWxH mm) 730x475x450
    Weight (kg) 42
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