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Pedestrian, traction driven battery scrubber dryer


The SC530BD is a simple, reliable and cost-effective scrubber dryer packed with power and a wide cleaning reach. This means you can cover large areas with agility without the need to stop. As it is easy to use, the scrubber dryer requires minimal instruction and little maintenance.


The SC430 is listed on the Water Technology List . Purchasing a Nilfisk water efficient cleaning machine that is listed on the Water Technology List will allow you to reduce your environmental impact and claim ECA (Enhanced Capital Allowance). ECA can reduce a tax bill by £20 for every £100 spent, assuming that a business pays 20% Corporation Tax in the year of investment.


Comes complete with gel batteries and a Prolene brush.


  • Simple one touch button for activating scrubbing functions
  • Tilting recovery tank for easy access to the batteries and chemicals
  • Ergonomic design means deck can be easily lowered and is easy to lift
  • Easy click-on/click-off system releases brush and pad effortlessly.
  • Efficient water pick-up


Ideal for easy and efficient cleaning of a variety of floor types in places such as schools, hospitals, supermarkets and public buildings.


Nilfisk SC530BD Scrubber Dryer

  • Cleaning width (mm) 530
    Run time (min) 150
    Solution/recovery tank (L) 61/61
    Power (V / W) 24 / 800
    Brush speed (rpm) 150
    Dimensions (LxWxH mm) 1260x550x1080
    Weight (kg) 227
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