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High alkaline rinse.

Carpet cleaning rinse powerful enough to get incredible results without the need to prespray, dwell or agitate.

With pump-protect technology, Berserker can be used safely at high temperatures leaving low to no residue and providing your machine with a healthy dose of anti-corrosion additives.


PH 10.5

Njord Berserker 6L

  • Portable machine: 
    Fill your tank with water, then add chemical and stir.
    Rinse pre-spray (PH8) - mix15ml per 10L in tank.
    No pre-spray (PH10) - mix 30ml per 10L in tank.

    Truck mounted: 
    Fill your chemical stock tank halfway with water, then add chemical. Fill tank with water then prime feed. Set to 2-4GPH.
    Rinse pre-spray (PH8) - mix 1L per 20L in tank.
    No pre-spray (PH10) - mix 2L per 20L in tank.

    Always test a small area before use.

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