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  • Smart Water Use
    The direct water feed to the centre of the brushes distributes evenly and consistently across the cleaning area, delivering best in class water efficiency. This way we can achieve up to 680m2 coverage per tank.
  • Powerful Brush Deck
    Delivering controlled and lightweight handling with no messy spray from the twin motor aluminium brush deck.
  • Faster Charging
    Fast charging giving 80% charge in just 1 hour.
  • Pay Back in 5 Minutes
    Switching to a 244NX for just 5 minutes a day instead of mopping makes big savings, returning the total machine cost in 3 years.



244NX vs Conventional mopping reduces cleaning time by 70%.



Numatic 244NX/1 Scrubber Dryer c/w 1 Battery

SKU: NUM/244NX/1
  • Power


    Deck size


    Brush / Pad

    2 x 220mm

    Brush speed 140rpm

    2.2L clean

    3L recovery


    (RTU) 23.5kg



    Recharge Time

    1 hour - 80%

    2 hours - 100%


    520 x 450 x 1200mm

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