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A complete professional kit including a comprehensive range of Prochem chemical spotters and spotting accessories contained in a tough water resistant plastic case. Products may be replenished from the standard Prochem range and individual trigger sprayers may be stored beneath the hinged lid.

  • The following spots and stains can be treated with the ‘PSK’ kit:
    Most food and beverage, blood, oil, grease, cosmetics, adhesive, wine, rust, paint, chewing gum, nail polish, ink and many other common commercial and household spots and stains.

  • Prochem’s ‘PSK’ is an essential item for every professional cleaner.

Prochem PSK Professional Spotting Kit

  • Chemicals: 

    • Solvex
    • Neutral Pro-Spotter with spray
    • Solvall Spotter, Rust Remover
    • Coffee Stain Remover with spray
    • Red Rx
    • Citrus Gel
    • Ink Solv
    • Stain Pro with spray
    • Urine Neutraliser with spray


    • White Terry Towel
    • pH Test Paper Colour Coded Reel
    • Chewing Gum Perforator
    • Spotting Brush
    • Neoprene Gloves
    • Foil Furniture Pads (1000)
    • Stain Removal Guide

    (Contents may vary with the introduction of new spotting agents).

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