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The SEBO DUO is an ideal machine for newcomers to the carpet cleaning industry who want to offer dry cleaning of carpets or for using as a agitator of pre-spray before wet extraction.


SEBO DUO Dry Cleaning

Dry cleaning without using water is effective and avoids wet cleaning problems such as carpet shrinkage, adhesive damage, odours and long ‘area out of use’ periods due to lengthy drying times. We recommend using our ‘Dry Carpet Powder’.  Simply pre-vac the area to be cleaned and sprinkle the powder down, brush in using the SEBO DUO then leave for around 30 minutes. Vacuum and remove powder afterwards.


SEBO DUO Carpet Agitation

The SEBO DUO can also be used as a small lightweight contra-rotating brush machine for pre-spray. The machine features twin contra-rotating brushes which open up the carpet pile and work in dry compound or for agitation of pre-spray prior to extraction. It’s an extremely effective way of agitating pre-spray over manual brushing enabling the chemical to reach all the fibres of the carpet saving you time and energy


It comes complete with four sachets of powder in the box to get you started.

Sebo Duo P

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