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Complete gutter cleaning system.




  • THE ULTIMATE GUTTER VACUUM: A hardcore system that's had years of development, uniquely engineered for fast and effective gutter cleaning. With patented innovation, for smarter working.
  • PACKED WITH POWER: With 3300Ws / 12,000 LPM & 145" water lift, power and suction is only part of what gets the job done. The 85 has a PowerMix feature, enabling you to customise your suction to suit each project.
  • FOREFRONT PORTABILITY: Mounted on a sturdy, all-terrain, 4-wheeled trolley - for easy transportation across challenging surfaces, even with a full load. 
  • ACCESS HEIGHTS OF UP TO 4 STOREYS: Supplied with ultra-light poles, available in 3 different height options. Reach heights of up to 40ft, all from the safety of the ground.


Featuring 3 industrial-strength 1,100 Watt motors for 3,300 Watt of power, the skyVac® Industrial 85 combines high airflow, at 10,000 litres per minute of airflow, with exceptional water lift.

The unique patented “POWERMIX” system reconfigures the power supply from parallel to series to drive unparalleled water lift of up to 150 inches which is +50% higher than standard 3 motor 3,300 Watt machines.

The Vacuum head has been designed to take up minimal drum space, allowing for 60 litres of gutter debris capacity. The filter is protected by a curved steel deflector plate, which lines up with the cyclonic vac entry port, and helps guide debris around the drum.

Easy to empty, thanks to an evenly balanced tipping chassis with locking castors. Simply unclip and remove the motor head, placing safely upright on the ground thanks to the steel foot on the filter protector plate and tip out drum contents. Now comes as standard with a drain hose and sieve basket, for a more flexible and user-friendly approach to gutter waste disposal.

These additions “separate” the gutter contents into liquid and organic matter, as opposed to a collective gutter soup.


Available as 3 options:

6M (20') = 4 poles for standard 2 storey buildings

9M (40') = 6 poles for 3 storeys

12M (60') = 8 poles for 4 storeys

Skyvac Industrial 85 Gutter Vacuum

  • Motor Wattage: 3300 Watt (3 x 1100 Motors)
    Water Lift: 150"
    Air Flow Movement: 10,000 LPM
    Cyclonic Entry Port: 50mm
    Container: 78 Litre
    Weight: 36kg
    Decibel Level: 72 dB
    Mains Connection: 240V @ 13amp
    Dimensions (cm): 60(l) x 64(w) x 114(h)


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