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Body fluid spillage clean up kit.


A quick and easy solution for the removal of body spillages for all taxi, coach, bus, trains, emergency services vehicles, nursing homes, clinics, schools, vets, police cells & prisons, public buildings, and offices.

This quick and easy problem solving kit, packed in a handy small bag, is perfect for the fast removal of body spillages.

Combining the absorption power of Sanitaire Powder and the odour neutralizing efficiency of Sta Kill Biocidal Cleaner and Deodoriser, these handy packs contain nitrile gloves, a scoop and a tough disposal bag.


  • Sanitaire is a revolutionary, biodegradable, non-toxic emergency treatment for the safer control of all accidental spillages.
  • Sanitaire will absorb up to 200x its own volume and contains a powerful bactericide.
  • Sta Kill is a powerful deodoriser with bactericide containing urine stain neutralising agents.
  • Sta Kill has been tested to EN1276 and EN13727.

Spillage clean up kit

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