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Chemical free cleaning 750ml Printed Spray Bottle.


Ideal dispensing spray bottle for your Toucan Eco system.


Toucan Eco is a revolutionary new bio-cleaner that means you can stop using up to 80% of chemical cleaners and disposing of the single use plastic bottles they come in.


It makes eco-friendly antibacterial multi-surface cleaner that kills up to 99.999% of germs from just water, salt and electricity.  The table top device makes the electrochemically activated water at your fingertips can be used anywhere around the home replacing general disinfectant, all-purpose kitchen and bathroom cleaners, and deodorisers. It is antiviral and antibacterial,  reduces the use of chemicals and plastic bottles and is kind to the environment.


The activated solution is certified to EN 1276, EN 13697, EN 14476 and EN 16777 for  chemical disinfectants against bacteria and viruses. It is also safe for use in food preparation and high-risk areas. In addition, certification under EN13727 (ESBL) and the VAH scheme (medical grade biocides) demonstrate efficacy in risk areas. Toucan Eco is listed under Article 95 of the EU Biocides regulations.


The solution it makes is hypochlorous sodium hypochlorite, and is slightly different than the usual Ozone making mahcines. Although they work in a very similar way, the ozone equivalents usually only have a working life of 4-8 hours and need expensive filters as an ongoing cost.

Ours keeps working for 5-7days - and is the only cleaning product used by Apple stores Wordwide!


The Toucan Eco needs standard, everyday salt. And water. And about the same amount of electricity as used in a car key fob! 

Toucan Eco Spray bottle

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