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Indoor window cleaning kit.

The UNGER window interior cleaning system and the associated cleaning elements enable the professional glass and building cleaner to quickly clean dirty window and glass interiors. The combination with a telescopic pole makes it possible to quickly clean hard-to-reach windows in a single step without using a squeegee on the glass pane.


200mm aluminium holder for indoor cleaning pads, with swivel function to allow easy access to hard to reach areas, and hook & loop backing for easy pad replacement.


Microfibre wash pad for periodic washing and heavy soil - 15 mm long, thick fibres easily remove tough dirt.


Extra smooth, easy glide microfibre lustre pad for regular cleaning.Removes dust, fingerprints, grease and other light dirt from the glass.


Telescopic pole, 2 sections, with ErgoTec Locking Cone.

Unger indoor window cleaning kit

  • Indoor Window kit contents:

    • 1 x PHH20 pad holder
    • 1 x AFAET Optiloc adaptor
    • 1 x EZ300 3M Optiloc pole
    • 1 x PHW20 Microfibre wash pad
    • 1 x PWL20 Microfibre lustre pad
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